About Us

Educational Classroom Systems provides a unique tool for teachers to teach consumer math. Designed for elementary, middle and high school teachers and students, the ETM Machine® can be used for teaching financial math skills or as a tool for behavior modification.

The ETM Machine® and Ecard System replace the standard check writing, paper play money and tokens most teachers currently use. Students document these transactions on specially designed registers that also require documentation of behavior and goal setting.

This innovative product allows students to learn consumer math in a whole new way. Students also have an opportunity to work as a team to create a simulated business venture.

Created by a Teacher and Engineer

Tracy and Manny Mayobre founded Educational Classroom Systems in 2012. Tracy has been a teacher since 1989. She has a Master’s degree in teaching and an endorsement in Gifted Education. Manny has three decades of experience as an electronic engineer.

They recognized that there was a new way to teach students about money management using technology. Together they continue to strive to find new ways to integrate the ETM Machine® and Ecard System into schools by incorporating feedback from teachers and students.
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