ETM Machine® and Ecard System Benefits

ETM Machine®

The ETM Machine® is easy to use. It is portable and comes with rechargeable batteries, an AC adapter, and a USB cord for downloading student accounts onto a spreadsheet.

Ecard System

These specially designed cards act and feel like a real debit card. The Ecards can be used over and over again. Just swipe the Ecards into the ETM Machine® to withdraw or deposit amounts. Students document these transactions on specially designed registers that also require documentation of behavior and goal setting.

Other Educational Uses

There are many ideas listed in the Teacher’s Manual for ways to incorporate the ETM Machine® and Ecard System at school. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples.

Resources Teachers: Music, Art, Physical Education and Library

Resource teachers can utilize the ETM Machine® by assigning an Ecard per class. Each of the Behavior Ecard programs can be used as a class intervention plan for maintaining good behavior throughout the time spent in the class. Each resource teacher will need one ETM Machine® and an Ecard per class.

School Stores

School stores can be set up many different ways using inexpensive items for resale. Your parent-teacher organization can help with the purchase of these items, or local businesses may be able to donate them.

If you are buying an ETM Machine® for store use only, a total of 300 cards can be used per ETM Machine®. An alternative would be that each class would provide a machine to be used when those students are at the store.


Need to control the noise during lunch? Use an Ecard for each class and reward good behavior! The whole class can earn extra recess time or have lunch outside.