Is the balance of each student account stored on the ETM Machine or the Ecard?

The information is stored on the ETM Machine, not the individual Ecards. You can access an account on the machine without swiping the card by entering the student’s SID number. This number is located in the lower right corner on the back of the Ecard. This comes in handy if the Ecard is lost or broken.

Can an Ecard be used on any ETM Machine?

Yes and no. These Ecards have a specially designed magnetic strip on the back that can only be read by an ETM Machine. The SID numbers assigned to each Ecard are a series of numbers ranging from one to 300. If you use two Ecards with the same SID number on one machine, the machine does not recognize them as being two separate cards. If you have more than 300 students, you will need more than one ETM Machine.

Is there a way to download the accounts onto a computer?

Yes. A USB cable comes with the ETM Machine. Currently the USB connection of the device is only compatible with a Windows operating system.

Can the Ecards be reused?

Yes! That’s what’s so economical about this system. Of course, if an Ecard is broken or the magnetic strip is compromised by mishandling, it will need to be replaced. These Ecards are as durable as any regular debit or credit card.

Can I buy this system anywhere else?

No, not at this time. It can only be purchased online through Educational Classroom Systems.

Do you have a mail-order form I can use to place my order?

We do! Click here to read more and download our mail order form.

What is your Return and Refund Policy?

Click here to read our Return and Refund Policy.