This month’s coupon codes!

Watch this video to find out how the ETM APP and ETM Card System can help you manage your classroom and school behaviors.  At the end you will be given coupon codes that can be used to save you money on this product. … [Read more...]

Try the APP out for just $4.00!

Enhance your Behavior Incentive Program throughout the school or facility by providing a credit card system allowing students to earn dollars for demonstrating good behaviors throughout the school year. Need a way to track student behavior? Want to go paperless?  The ETM Machine and ETMcard System APP is for you! Check out the latest in 21st Century technology! An App that can be used on … [Read more...]

The APP Version is Now Available!

Now ready for purchase.  Go to the Subscription tab and view pricing.  Take a look at the Tutorial tab to see the many capabilities.  Use it for your classroom or whole school behavioral program.  Great for any organization's reward program or program teaching financial literacy.   So economical, it can be used for home use with allowances. … [Read more...]

Coming Soon!

We are excited about the newest version of the standalone ETM Machine and Ecard System.  It has been over a year in the making.  The ETM Machine and ETMcard APP will be making its debut some time this month!  Sign up for our newsletter so that you can be updated when it becomes available. … [Read more...]

A Sixth Grade Incentive Program

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am a sixth grade teacher in a tiny town in Arkansas. I have 60 kids that I teach science and social studies to, but I also educate them on finances through a system I call mini-economy. I have been looking for something like this for awhile! My classroom runs like a business. Each of my students is responsible for applying for a job, working that job, and … [Read more...]

Algonkian Elementary Pilots ETM Machine

I work at Algonkian Elementary School in Northern Virginia.  We are a PBIS school.  I introduced the ETM Machine and Ecard System to our PBIS committee at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.  We brainstormed ideas for how it could be used throughout the school.  We decided to start with the cafeteria.  The committee took the PBIS’s program using colored cones and combined it with the ETM … [Read more...]

Real-World Banking Education Children Can Use

We used to rely on paper checks to do most of our business. All the bills would be paid by a personal check. Going to the grocery store meant using a check. Other shopping at stores required checks as well, if you didn't have cash. This is no longer the case. Paper checks, and even paper money, have become a thing of the past. Debit cards are one of the main reasons that paper checks have … [Read more...]