ETM Machine APP Tutorials




                  Admin.pdf                                         Teacher.pdf                                            App.pdf


ADMINISTRATOR: Person in charge of the account.  This person sets up the User/Teacher accounts with logins and passwords and has the ability to make changes to all accounts. Has the ability to set up Student accounts.
USER/TEACHER: Person in charge of a group or classroom.  Has the ability to set up Student accounts. Can only make changes to group or classroom.  User/Teacher does not need to have a group or classroom with students assigned to them in order to use the APP.  They will only have the ability to swipe ETMcards in order to deposit or withdraw money.


ETM Machine® and Ecard Standalone System Tutorial

The ETM Machine® is easy to use. It is portable and comes with rechargeable batteries, an AC adapter, and a USB cord for downloading student accounts onto a spreadsheet.

Ecard System

These specially designed cards act and feel like a real debit card. The Ecards can be used over and over again. Just swipe the Ecards into the ETM Machine® to withdraw or deposit amounts. Students document these transactions on specially designed registers that also require documentation of behavior and goal setting.

NEW SCANNER UPGRADE for the Standalone. (Updated 2/27/18)

  1. Delete the old scanner from your computer if you are using an older version.
  2. Click on the underlined scanner file. It will download to your download folder.
  3. Go to your download folder and open the file.
  4. Drag and drop the ETMScanner.exe to your desktop. You will see the icon below.
  5. Click on the icon and follow the directions in the file to download your balances and create your spreadsheet.

NOTE: You may get a prompt from Windows saying the application is unauthorized. Click “more info” then “Run Anyway”.