Introducing the ETM Machine® and ETM Card APP! A credit card system for educational purposes.

Yearly subscription rates range from $4.00 per card user to as little as $2.00 per card user. Works on all devices and is available in both Apple and Google Stores. ETM Cards come with each paid user. Choose from 3 preset designs or customize for an additional fee. ETM Cards use QR code technology and are reusable from year to year with paid subscription.

The ETM Machine® is Green and Clean!

Stop wasting time and money with play money and tokens as a monetary incentive program. Cards are reusable from year to year.

The ETM Machine® Teaches Money Management!

It has been designed to teach consumer math skills using a credit card system. Provides transaction statements and so much more.

The ETM Machine® is not just for Schools!

It is being used in various organizations across the country with children and adults. It is affordable for any size family or organization.

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