ETM Machine

Welcome to the home of the ETM Machine® and ETM Card APP! An affordable behavior rewards program for the classroom, school or organization.

The ETM Machine and ETM Card System replaces the current behavior rewards program with an affordable mobile application that uses a simulated credit card system. It has been helping educators teach real world money skills while managing student behavior. It can be accessed online or through the app. It works on all devices.

The online system provides educators with student account summaries, customization of classes or groups, and a preset transaction library.

The app provides the user with student accounts, and the ability to add, deposit, purchase to and from student accounts.

The ETM Card uses QR code technology and is used with the app. These ETM Cards are plastic and give the look and feel of a real debit/credit card.

Educators have been using this system for behavior management and teaching financial literacy. Used in classroom settings and adult/family organizations around the world.

Watch the tutorial videos or download the manuals to learn how it works!

Yearly subscription rates range from $3.00 per student account to as little as $1.50 per student account. Works on all devices and is available in both Apple and Google Stores.

ETM Cards are sold separately. Choose from 3 preset designs or customize for an additional fee. ETM Cards use QR code technology and are reusable from year to year with paid subscription.

System can be used with or without the ETM Cards. Pay for what you want and for what you need!

Pricing Chart

ETM Machine® APP Presentation Video


Use this video to show staff or decision makers how the ETM Machine APP can be used by you and your organization.

The ETM Machine®APP is Green and Clean!

Stop wasting time and money with play money and tokens as a monetary incentive program. Cards are reusable from year to year.

The ETM Machine®APP Teaches Money Management!

It has been designed to teach consumer math skills using a credit card system. Provides transaction statements and so much more.

The ETM Machine®APP is not just for Schools!

It is being used in various organizations across the country with children and adults. It is affordable for any size family or organization.