#1 Classroom Credit Card System!

Stop wasting time and money copying or buying play money to give out as a monetary classroom incentive for good behavior! Give your students an Ecard instead!

These specially designed cards act and feel like a real credit or debit card. Just swipe the Ecards into the ETM Machine® to withdraw or deposit amounts. Students document these transactions on specially designed registers that also require documentation of behavior and goal setting.

The ETM Machine® is easy to use. It is portable and comes with rechargeable batteries, an AC adapter and a USB cord for downloading student accounts onto a spreadsheet.

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The ETM Machine® is
Green & Clean!

Stop wasting time and money with play money and tokens as a monetary classroom incentive for good behavior. Give your students an Ecard instead!

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The ETM Machine® Teaches Money Management

It has been designed to teach consumer math skills using a debit card system, and act as a behavior modification tool for the classroom.

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“The ETM Machine® and Ecard System brought a whole new level of money management skills to my students.”

“Teaching consumer math skills is a breeze with the ETM Machine® and Ecard System.”

“Setting up the system is really easy, plus the Teacher’s Guide has lots of great ideas.”

“I wish I had something like this in my classroom years ago!”

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