Introducing the ETM Machine and ETMcard APP!

Yearly subscription rates range from $4.00 per card user to as little as $2.00 per card user. Works on all devices and is available in both Apple and Google Stores. ETMcards come with each paid user. Choose from 3 preset designs or customize for an additional fee. ETMcards use QR code technology and are reusable from year to year with paid subscription.

The Standalone version is still available for a limited time.

This standalone version is a handheld device that uses a magnetic stripe card called the Ecard. They are reusable from year to year. This system is a one-time purchase. ETM Machines and Ecards are sold separately or as a bundle. Support for this version will continue until June 2019.

The ETM Machine® is Green and Clean!

Stop wasting time and money with play money and tokens as a monetary incentive program. Cards are reusable from year to year.

The ETM Machine® Teaches Money Management!

It has been designed to teach consumer math skills using a credit card system. Provides transaction statements and so much more.

The ETM Machine® is not just for Schools!

It is being used in various organizations across the country with children and adults. It is affordable for any size family or organization.

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Coming Soon!

We are excited about the newest version of the standalone ETM Machine and Ecard System.  It has been over a year in the making.  The ETM Machine and ETMcard APP will be making its debut some time this month!  Sign up for our newsletter so that you can be updated when it becomes available. … Read More...